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The company puts the personnel construction in an important position, implements a talent-driven strategy, strengthens the staff training system, values the development both of the company and of the individuals, the professional interest and the professional development requirements, and designs different training plans for the employees at different levels and in different positions. There are internal and external trainings with an aim to arouse the initiative and enthusiasm of the employees and improve their overall quality and capability, which provides a powerful personnel and intelligence support to the company's development.

Focused on cultivating a "high-end brainpower", we've built a professional and versatile management team.

Focused on cultivating "high-level and advanced talents", we've created a highly competent technical expert team.

Focused on cultivating "skillful workers", we've forged a skilled working personnel team.

In Tongding, a person is a precious deposit which not only creates personal values, but also leads the company striving for glory.

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