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Running As Fast As Lightning

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To enrich spare-time cultural life and enhance the sense of body-building, Tongding Group held a winner running competition called “Common Fitness to Celebrate New Year” in January 16th, attracting more than 150 staff to take part in it.


Players gathered at the south gate of our company at 2:00 pm. Before the race, the chairman of the Labor Union Shen Jinquan read rules and announcements. Staff from different offices or plants made up of men’s youth & middle-aged group, women’s youth & middle-aged group, 50 meters funny round-trip race and 50 meters walking together.




As soon as the starting gun fired, runners got off. Although below-zero wind chilled, enthusiasm in players lighted up the atmosphere. All the runners fell over each other, rooters cheering on the runners. Not only the young staff but also the seasoned staff, not only the male but also the female all ran toward the end like an arrow. Some players fell behind, but they never gave up and did their best. In the common’s opinions, the process was more important than the results.



After the running competition, many staff felt strongly that health relied on persevering exercises. As a traditional game, winner running competition would be held once a year in Tongding Group. Also, it will lead more and more staff to engage in winner exercises.



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