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The Successful Conclusion of TheThird Staff Skills Contest

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To improve the skill levels of the staff and stimulate them to learn technique, Tongding Group launched a staff skills contest lasted for 3 months with 450 front-line employees competing for the contest.

The awards ceremony of "The Third Staff Skills Contest" was held in the company headquarters located in Badu Industrial Zone on the afternoon of November 28th, 2015. There were more than 200 persons including Ma Yunsheng (Minister of Maintenance Department of Wujiang District Trade Unions), Wu MingXiang(President of Zhenze Town Union) and Shen Xiaoping (Chairman of Tongding Group), attending the meeting. The meeting was chaired by the vice president Li Jun.

The union president of Tongding Group Shen Jinquan made the representation on  the staff skills contest, affirmed its positive effects. Efficiency and fairness because of   feasible schemes and reasonable rules operation;  practicality because of the contest closely related to the actual  production; personality and long-lasting effects because of the good ways such as the competition between the master and apprentices, staff trainingbased on contests and so on.  The contest provides a platform for the competitors to show talent and improve their skills. In their opinions, it is fashinable to learn skills, honorable to grasp skills, respectable to  teach others skills.

There were three  advanced units given commendation including Optical fiber Business Department, Optical Fiber Cable Business Department No. 1 and Jiangsu Tongding  Electronic-optic Technology Co., Ltd.. The 94 advanced individuals were honored, including Zhang Qiguo, Pan Jiajia, Qiu Jianzhong and so on.

Shen Xiaoping, the chairman of Tongding Group, said that the skills contest demonstrated the standard and security operations and showed theoretical knowledge applied to the practice. 

"Tongding strives to build an innovative, interconnected and comprehensive corporation based on telecommunicaton wire & cable, in the direction of  the network application." Shen Xiaoping said.  As he said, Tongding will open a new chapter of developing  healthily, rapidly and harmoniously based on five aspects: development mode, industrial mode, production mode and markets focus.


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