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The current era of optical communication technology and industry flourish, Fiber Sensing Technology Suzhou Co. 盛信光 emerged in the joint venture in Jiangsu ding photoelectric Co., Ltd., Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, the former president of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Research Group Professor Lin Jintong tripartite , relying on technological superiority Beijing University of Posts and Ding Group financial advantage through continuous development with independent intellectual property rights, in a distributed fiber optic sensing system as the core system products for oil pipelines, gas pipelines, communication cables, optical cables , bank vault, airport, shooting range, a military facility perimeter, prison perimeter, area, villas perimeter devices such as end users and integrators to provide appropriate monitoring solutions and application services. The company has DFSV2000, DFSV6000, DFSV8000 three kinds of monitoring a range of different fiber protective equipment, to achieve the needed protection area listeners warning and protection.
August 2007, "distributed optical fiber sensing Positioning System" won the Suzhou special technology projects.
October 2008, distributed fiber sensing positioning system project in Jiangsu Province technological achievements into special funds.
November 2008, distributed fiber sensing positioning system products won the China Private Technology Enterprises Exposition.
December 2008, "distributed optical fiber sensing positioning system" was included in the National Torch Program.
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